February 2019

Three Things That You Need To Know About Traveling With a Cat

It is safe to say that most cats are not too keen on traveling, and they are not afraid to let you know it. One of the main reasons for this is because cats cannot imagine something that has never happened to them before. However, they do a great job when it comes to remembering their past experiences, and they are one of those animals that believe that the same thing will happen again. We can safely say that cats’ first trips are not always that pleasant, which is one of the main reasons why cats don’t like to travel a lot. This is why you need to help your cat associate car rides with fun, happy experiences, not just trips to the veterinarian. That being said, if your cat acts sick, scared, or hyperactive every single time you travel, you should definitely consider seeking professional help. Desensitization is the type of treatment that takes both time and patience, but it is one of the best treatment methods out there. If you use positive reinforcement on your cat, he will realize that car travel is not always about trips to the vet, and because of that, he will not be afraid to ride inside your car anymore.

Bring Your Cat’s Favorite Toys
If your cat has a favorite toy or blanket, make sure to bring it along on your next trip. Bringing a blanket or bed that your cat likes to sleep in will make him feel more secure and safe. Also, make sure to pack the same litter and food that you use at home, just so you don’t give your cat an unexpected shock. You have to make your car smell and feel like home.

Take Precautionary Measures
If you are going on a long road trip with your cat, you need to be extra careful when it comes to opening and closing the car door. This is because cats are natural escape artists. What this means is that your cat will likely flee from the car the first chance he gets.

A Stressful Experience
Even with all the preparations and precautions, traveling with a cat can be very stressful for both humans and animals. You need to accept this fact, because if you don’t, you could be in for a really tough experience. But don’t ever lose hope!